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About Us

Make Life Skate Life is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization that works with local skateboarding communities around the world to create free of charge, community-built concrete skateparks. The skatepark projects we have completed in IndiaBolivia,  Jordan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, and Nepal have been successful through local community involvement from start to finish, providing local skateboarders with the tools, materials, knowledge, and inspiration to create their own projects.

Construction of skateparks is led by professional skatepark builders who create world-class skateparks and share their knowledge in the art of skatepark construction with skateboarding communities around the world. All of our skatepark projects remain sustainable through the establishment of free of charge on-site skateboarding and safety equipment loaner systems, run by local partner organizations, allowing all children free access to skateboarding regardless of economic standing.

BOARD OF Directors

Arne Hillerns - Germany - M.A. Social Science -

"After the success of the Holystoked Skatepark in 2013, I wanted to create an organization that would enable the realization of similar projects around the world and help people make connections through skateboarding."

Jon Chaconas - United States - M.S. Mechanical Engineering -

"It has been an honor to be able to partner with local skateboarders around the world to create skateparks for their communities, and the exponential impact the follows."

Kali Rubaii  - United States - M.A. Cultural Anthropology -

"It is an honor to contribute to children's kinetic engagement with the world around them. By building their own skate parks, flying through the air doing tricks, taking care of their equipment and each other, children become masters of their universe in a world razed by adults."

Project Coordinators

Sean Stromsoe - Addis Skatepark - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

"The growing skate scene in Ethiopia really shows that skateboarding is a universal language that can change lives in the simplest ways possible. I'm thrilled that Make Life Skate Life is bringing their invaluable experience to build Ethiopia's first public skatepark." 

Ali Drummond - Pushing Myanmar - Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

"Make Life Skate Life continues to defy the odds by building world class standard skateparks in areas of the world where few would have thought it possible. It's been a privilege to be part of such a global collective which has made an irreversibly positive imprint on the development of skateboarding in Myanmar."


Mohammed Zakaria - 7Hills Skatepark - Amman, Jordan

"Being part of 7Hills Skatepark has been the most rewarding experience of my life. It's incredible to be able to introduce kids to skateboarding and change their lives the way skateboarding changed mine."

Milton Arellano - Pura Pura Skatepark - La Paz, Bolivia

"When life and local government give you lemons, get involved, and then call Make Life Skate Life.  We had a pretty big vision for the future of skateboarding in La Paz, and with the help of Make Life Skate Life we exceeded it. Now our vision just keeps growing."

Abhishek (Shake) - Holystoked Skatepark - Bangalore, India

"Ever since working on the first Make Life Skate Life project in India I have been convinced of the amazing influence skateparks can have on a community."


Get In Touch

Europe: Make Life Skate Life, Chaussée de Waterloo 120, 1060 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: +32 486 130 386

United States: Make Life Skate Life, 9500 Kirkside Rd, Los Angeles, CA, 90035, USA

Phone: +1 805 233 4037