Hey prospective Make Life Skate Life volunteers!

Please fill out this form to be considered to join our upcoming build in Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdish region of Iraq May 1-19.

The deadline for this form is Monday, February 12 10am PST.

You would be responsible for your own travel. Please keep in mind that the political situation between Iraq and Kurdistan is fluid. As of now the visa situation is uncertain. Currently no flights are being operated into/out of the Kurdish region except from within Iraq, so it is likely that everyone would have to fly through Baghdad and get a visa in advance from the Iraqi government.

Expect an update from us in mid-February. Any questions, please email suliskatepark@gmail.com

Name *
Are you available to join the entire build from breaking ground on May 1 to opening day on May 19?
If no, please let us know the dates you would be in Sulaymaniyah
In a few sentances, please describe your motivation to help build a skatepark for the community of Sulaymaniyah.
Do you build skateparks professionally
If no, please describe your level of experience building concrete skateparks
Past Projects *
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