Taghazout Skatepark

- Taghazout, Morocco -


In December 2019 we will celebrate Taghazout Skatepark's 2-year anniversary. The world-class skatepark was constructed in only 3 weeks by 100 volunteers and is visited and skated every day by locals, tourists, skaters and surfers alike. The skatepark has helped to expand the village's small skateboarding community. Taghazout Skatepark has a positive impact on the wider community and creates connections between all kinds of different individuals.

Since June 2019, skate classes for local youth are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The lessons are led by local youth instructors and international volunteers. During lessons skateboard equipment is made available for free use at the skatepark. Every week 40 girls and boys take part in the program whereas female participation has reached 20% (the goal is to reach 50% by the end of 2019).

At the occasion of the 2-year anniversary, we seek to work together with the locals to enhance the infrastructure in and around the skatepark. In a 100% volunteer effort we want to create a safe walking path between the village and the skatepark (distance: 300m), create a bowl as well as mini-ramp section adding 120m² of skateable space, and enlarge the green areas around the skatepark. 

Adding a safe walking path would increase accessibility of the skatepark and encourage more youth from the village to participate in classes. A bowl and mini-ramp section would benefit beginners as well as advanced skaters and add diversity to the ongoing skate classes. More green areas will make the skatepark more enjoyable for everyone. As always, every donation will go towards building materials. Thank you for your support!


Taghazout Skatepark is an international standard community skatepark in the village of Taghazout located 20min from Agadir, the biggest city in southern Morocco. Volunteers from around the world constructed the skatepark on public ground.

In contrast to recent development projects in the region, Taghazout Skatepark was created with and for the community. We worked together with local community leaders who saw the potential of a community skatepark as positive outlet for youth in Taghazout, and collaborated with Levi's Skateboarding, the sponsor of this project. 

The skatepark provides the space to accommodate the growing demand for skateboarding of youth in Taghazout. Community leaders from local governments, businesses, as well as youth associations formed the Taghazout Skatepark Association to run the skatepark on a day-to-day basis.