7Hills Skatepark

- Amman, Jordan -

In December 2014, Make Life Skate Life constructed 7Hills Skatepark, a 650 m², free of charge, community-built concrete skatepark in downtown Amman, Jordan. During the three-week build, our international team of professional skatepark builders worked with local youth to teach them about concrete skatepark construction. 7Hills Skatepark is situated in one of the few public parks in Amman in the impoverished area of Prince Muhammad Street.

Inspired by the skatepark, 7Hills has developed into an own organization and now cooperates with local NGOs to organize weekly skate classes, and develop a loaner program with skateboards that are free to use at the skatepark. The goal of the loaner program is to provide a safe place for leisure and physical education for refugee youth and other vulnerable groups. 7Hills currently offers weekly skate classes with Sudanese families, and Iraqi and Syrian urban refugees. Once a week, they offer Palestinian youth from the Gaza camp in Jerash the opportunity to skate at 7Hills Skatepark. During the various skate classes, the 7Hills team is being supported by local Jordanian youth. In addition to the activities at the skatepark, 7Hills organize regular outreach sessions at Zaatari, the largest Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, and the Palestinian Gaza camp in Jerash.

Amman Skatepark a “Melting Pot” for Locals and Refugees

Hiba Dlewati, National Geographic


Volunteers open Jordan's first skatepark

Zab Mustefa/Alisa Reznick, Al Jazeera