Suli Skatepark

- Sulaymaniyah, Iraq -


Suli Skatepark is our current project in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. The city with a population of 1.6 million is the cultural as well as educational hub in the Kurdish region and has experienced significant growth after the Iraq war.

A small community of skaters in Sulaymaniyah who want to further develop skateboarding in their country, advocated building a community skatepark. Skateboarding in Iraq is fairly new. Thanks to a well-developed infrastructure in Sulaymaniyah, a small skateboarding community was able to emerge. In a conflict-affected region, skateboarding offers an alternative to the politics of war - it connects youth through a common passion.

In May 2018, 40 volunteers from 15 countries built Suli Skatepark that provides youth with a safe space for free expression.  Construction was finished in less than three weeks, making it the country's first skatepark and the first international standard skatepark in the entire region.

As of June 1st, Make Life Skate Life, with the support of Skateistan and The Skateroom, will run a one-year skate program at Suli Skatepark with the goal to make skateboarding available to everyone who wants to learn while encouraging the participation of girls and refugees. We will provide support in training a skatepark manager and support the locals in their efforts to independently and locally run the skatepark and skate program.