About Us

 - Our newest project is Maré Favela Skatepark in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -

Deeply rooted in skate culture, Make Life Skate Life (MLSL) seeks to nurture grassroots skate communities. Since 2013, we have developed community skatepark projects in IndiaBolivia,  Jordan, Myanmar, EthiopiaNepal, Morocco and Iraq that have impacted the lives of thousands.

Together with local communities, we build safe, accessible, free-of-charge skateparks. After construction of skateparks, we help with the implementation of skate programs that aim to include females, disadvantaged and refugee youth, and use skateboarding as a tool for teaching cross-cultural communication, creative self expression and resilience to underserved youth populations.

The goal is that our local partners take full ownership and independently run the projects in the long-term while acquiring enough skills to lead their next projects.

How it started

While traveling through India with his skateboard in 2012, MLSL founder Arne Hillerns met a group of Indian skateboarders. They wanted to build a skatepark for their community but at the time Indian skaters had no experience in skatepark construction. The idea developed to have professional skatepark builders come to India and build a skatepark.

Throughout the process, the local skaters got a hand-on skatepark building education. Since the completion of that first MLSL project, the Indian skaters have built more than 20 skateparks across their country. 


our team

Arne Hillerns - Executive Director


Jon Chaconas - Director of Operations


Samantha Robison - Creative Director


Shane Carrick - Director of Programming



Europe: Make Life Skate Life, Chaussée de Waterloo 120, 1060 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: +32 486 130 386